Gábor Görzsöny

Write Software: Change the World!

Enthusiastic professional with nearly two decades of software craftsmanship
practice is eager to join your company as a senior software engineer.

Competence / skills

  • C++https://gorzsony.com/tag/cpp
    10+ years of professional and autodidact experience as a preferred/primary programming language in a wide range of domains. C++ is generally considered a great foundation to build upon.
  • C#https://gorzsony.com/tag/csharp
    2 years of experience as an employed desktop app developer and freelance game mod developer (also mentoring).
  • Go(lang)https://gorzsony.com/tag/go
    About 18 months of experience as an employed tool and backend developer and implementing the software stack of my private VPS infrastructure.
  • Also familiar with Visual Studio, VSCode and Vim, build automation using make, debugging with gdb, container management with Docker (and docker-compose), HTTP reverse proxy configuration using Nginx and comfortable with command line use git version/revision control system. Have experience with Redis, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Used multiple project management/tracker tools like Jira, Trello, Hansoft and YouTrack. Familier with Jenkins. Took part in a one-week Linux kernel developer training.

About me

  • Started programming in elementary school in QBasic — even “borrowed” the compiler and took it home on a floppy
  • Learned C++ from a friend in 2008 who specializes in game server development and reverse engineering
  • Defeated the Parallel Wizard in 2015 (https://deadlockempire.github.io/)
  • Mentored friends and colleagues in C++, C# and Go
  • Lifelong admiration of helicopters, airplanes and birds


  • 15+ years of autodidact and professional experiencehttps://github.com/razzie/home-projects
  • 2020 — backend developer
    Worked on the software stack of my private VPS infrastructure, mostly implemented in Go.
  • 2020 — VCC Live — backend developer
    Worked on a reference implementation of microservice feature flags and benchmarked the memory management of our software telecom switch.
  • 2019 — freelance game mod developer
    Worked on multiple private custom made GTA5 (FiveM) mods and a public reference project:
    After sharing with the cummunity early on, the project went through 2 months of intensive development (200 commits in the first month and 150 in the second). It was generally well received, and it was the first mod that enabled players to have fun with GTA's unused rope API in a multiplayer environment (since it's not synced by default).
  • 2017 - 2019 — Ericsson — senior software developer
    Worked on the packet functions of a microwave network device family. Was an unofficial C++ expert in a 10-person team. Implemented a network protocol together with a teammate based on an RFC document and released weeks before the deadline.
  • 2016 - 2017 — game developer
    Worked on a procedural generated 3D indie game tech demo using a home-built game engine. Was part of a coach guided mastermind program during the development, where participants from multiple fields were boosting each other's projects using the combined power of human minds.
  • 2015 - 2016 — Cognex — software engineer
    Participated in multiple mainly GUI related projects while working together with the firmware team to resolve compatibility issues. Took part in greenfield web backend development and database design, while also working on internal tools and exeriments to assist my team.
  • 2014 — game developer
    Worked on an indie game project as part of a two-person team, focusing on game engine development.
  • 2012 - 2014 — Ericsson — software developer
    Worked on a flagship router product in a 3-person team. Was responsible for the network management interface which was highly interconnected with all internal modules. Developed an extension protocol based on RFC document. Spent 5 weeks in Beijing to transfer knowledge to the local team.


  • 2008-2012 (7 semesters without retaking courses) — University of Debrecen
    Computer Science Engineering, BSc (specialization: Info-Communication Networks)